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Help For Your Relationship Even If It Seems Hopeless
Help For Your Relationship Even If It Seems Hopeless
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Want To Talk To Someone?  Call or Text 918-281-6060
Are You Feeling Lost in Your Relationship?
Our Focused expertise allows us to help you restore your marriage in More Than half the time of the average therapist.
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  • Communication Help? 
  • Trust Restoration?
  • Fidelity or Commitment?
  • Hope?
  • Emotional Intimacy?
  • Better Sex?
  • Divorce Busting?
  • Tools to help you succeed in your relationship?
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86-90% Of The Couples Make Significant Improvement With The Methods We Use.  75% Fully Recover Within 15-20 Hours.  In Fact, We Are Home To The Best Reviewed Couples Therapists In The State.
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Can you lead a horse to water and make it drink?  Well this client says Brad can!  Watch the video to learn more about him.
"It was worth every penny."
This lovely couple just felt stuck in a horrible negative cycle.  They didn't feel close and needed help finding each other again.  Brad was their 4th counselor.  Listen to how we helped them.
"At some point you have to deal with your problems.  You can't bury them in a box."
Want To Fix Your Marriage?
We Help You Fix Your Marriage
Does this sound like you?:
  • We argue a lot and can't seem to get along.
  • We avoid each other so that we won't argue.
  • We never seem to see eye to eye.
  • It's hard to feel like my partner is dependable.
  • They don't seem to take me at my word.
  • We are a blended family or we have kids together.
  • I think we love each other but it would be nice to know for sure.
  • I don't feel like we have enough alone time.
  • I would like more closeness.
  • I don't tell them how I feel because I think they would leave me.
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Communication,Trust, Intimacy Help
Does this Fit you Better?:
  • I suspect they are not being faithful.
  • There has been infidelity in our relationship. 
  • We're still hurting because of the affair.
  • We both want to work on the marriage.
  • We struggle with communication about the infidelity.
  • I have nightmares and flashbacks. 
  • My spouse simply can't let this go.
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Affair Recovery Help
Is this more accurate?:
  • We just want to know what to expect in marriage.
  • You'd like to improve communication
  • You'd like to prevent divorce in the future.
  • We've never been married before.
  • We don't have kids.
  • We may or may not live together.
  • We want to know if we're compatible.
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Pre-Marital Help
Brad & Morgan Robinson, Founders 
Brad & Morgan Robinson are internationally recognized experts in affair recovery.  Brad is also the best reviewed couples therapist in the midwest. He has helped thousands of couples & individuals from around the world reclaim their communication, trust, & intimacy.  From time to time they are contributing experts on Fox News, Oklahoma Magazine, and a number of publications. Couples have traveled from around the world to work with Brad.  

Brad & Morgan are the hosts of Healing Broken Trust podcast which has 500K+ downloads in iTunes. Morgan authors the books, materials, and programs Marriage Solutions provides to the public. She is responsible for public education and resource & business development.  They are parents to Luke & live in Broken Arrow, OK.
Randee Tomlinson, LMFT
Randee is site manager for the Oklahoma City office. She is a loving wife and mother.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, watching her kids, and learning new things.   

She first became passionate about marital therapy in graduate school at Oklahoma Baptist University, and graduated with her Master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy in 2002. It is her true pleasure to see couples work together to improve their relationship and to see them experience one another in new ways that they once thought impossible. It is also satisfying to see the entire family experience the benefits of an improved marital relationship.  

She views this as much more than just employment, but as a distinct calling to help restore relationships and heal broken marriages.  
Daniel Hoffman, LPC
Daniel has a passion for helping couples succeed. He graduated from ORU and joined Brad & Morgan in 2013. His past experience includes family therapy and addiction counseling.  He is the second best reviewed couples therapist in Oklahoma.  

Daniel loves watching the transformation process for a couple who comes in broken and gradually restores what was lost.  

He is father to Gavin & Grace and loving husband to Jordan.  He practices in the Tulsa office.
Why Waste Your Time With Someone Who Cannot Help You?  90% of Couples Maintain Their Improvement With Our Methods Even 3 Years After Counseling.
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