1.5 Million Helped In 144 Countries And Counting!!
1.5 Million Helped In 144 Countries And Counting!!

Leaders In Healing Relationships In Crisis

Leaders In Healing Relationships In Crisis

7 Tools To Start Healing Today

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3 Relationship Assessments

  • Am I With The Right Person?
  • How Good Is Our Relationship?
  • Is Healing From An Affair Possible For Us?


4 eBooks

  • ​Exactly What To Say (And Not Say) When Talking About Counseling
  • ​Avoid The Wrong Advice
  • Be Sure There's No Affair
  • Avoid Time Wasters
  • Make A Real Plan

As seen in:

Put the trust, intimacy, and love you desire back in your relationship this year
Does Your Relationship Need Help With...
Put the trust, intimacy, and love you desire back in your relationship this year
Does your relationship need help with...
  • Anger?  
  • Selfishness?
  • ​Defensiveness?
  • ​Lacking Affection?
  • ​Criticism?
  • ​Avoiding You?
  • ​Jealousy?
  • ​Broken Trust?
  • Unhappy?
  • ​Wanting More?
  • Poor Communication?
  • Struggling to work together?
  • ​Arguing or Fighting?
  • Feel Like Crying?
  • Shutting Down?  
  • ​Feeling Hurt?
  • ​Avoiding Each Other or Issues?
  • ​Feeling Stuck?
  • ​Missing Something?
  • ​Feeling Distant?
Why be miserable?  Take back your happiness today!
"Should We Schedule An Appointment?"
There’s more than one way to solve the problems in your relationship.  Let's talk about your options here...
  • Online Programs
  • ​1-on-1 Help
You’re probably here because you googled “marriage counseling Tulsa” or “marriage counseling OKC” or something like that.

What were you looking for?  

Probably information. Cost, insurance, etc. etc....You may have never done something like this before.

Really you want things to be different. You want some kind of change in your life. 

 A real change in your relationship.

You want to stop the pain in your relationship so you can enjoy your life. And you probably fear that your relationship will end if the pain doesn’t stop.
“How do I know we’re ready for an appointment?”
“How do I know we’re ready for an appointment?”
=> Most of the time people wait until the pain is greater than their reasons for avoiding

=> Sometimes people wait for their partner to make the first move

=> Many times people let fear stop them from trying hard enough
Many people wait until it’s too late.
Nothing ever works if people aren’t willing to step out and take control over their life. 

Instead people put their happiness in the hands of others.  They say, “if they would just…” or “if they hadn’t ____ then…”

Responsibility is the ability to respond in your own favor. 

You can respond for your own interests.  For your own happiness.  Dare we say you have the response-ability to take charge of your future and happiness.
Don't give away the keys to your happiness
If you wait around for someone else to respond you’ll be waiting a long time.  

You’ll be handing over your happiness to someone who doesn’t have the tools to make anything better.

It’s like when one person is drowning and they grab onto another person who’s drowning…it’s a lose-lose situation.
You are here for a reason.
It's about your relationship on the surface….but underneath we all just want to be happy, right?  

To feel like waking up in the morning.  Maybe you want to rediscover your purpose and the passion you once had.  

Whatever your reasons are for working on your relationship you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you choose to schedule something or not…we hope you find what you’re looking for. 

Maybe just reading this page will make the difference in your life.

We’re confident that if you work with us it will be a win-win situation.  No matter the outcome.
“How do I know I’m choosing the right place?”
You clicked on our site…which means you found it. 

You found us out of the thousands of therapists in Oklahoma and the hundreds of thousands in the world....because other people have chosen us. 

If others hadn’t chosen us then we wouldn’t be able to to be so popular.  Food for thought.

But we’re a popular choice for several reasons but the most important one: #1 We save marriages.  

That’s what we’re known for.  That’s what we do.

We have a track record for turning around difficult situations and helping couples reconnect.  
You clicked on our site…which means you found it.
90% Of Couples Maintain Their Improvement Even 3 Years After Counseling
"Can We Afford This?"
If we helped you save your relationship and restore peace in your life what would that be worth to you?

If you avoid the pain of divorce and you were happy again wouldn’t it be worth it?

No having to start over with someone else.  Not just starting over with a new partner...but also with a new therapist or coach.

35% of our clients chose a "cheaper" option before coming to us.  But couples quickly realize they can't skimp on relationship surgery.  

That's right.  Helping relationships in trouble is as delicate as heart surgery or brain surgery.  You don't want just anyone cutting you open.  You need someone who knows what they're doing.

Let us save you from wasting valuable time and money on something that won't work from the beginning.

You don't want the same problems repeating themselves.  

You don't want anyone else raising your children.  

Be there for all the important moments without the awkwardness, stress, or regret.

Your family restored.  Your legacy restored.  All of your investments restored.

You don't want to put a price tag on your marriage...but you need help you can afford.

Your relationship has unique qualities.  

We want to put together a unique plan suitable for any budget.
“Will My Insurance Cover This?”
Most insurance doesn't cover couples counseling so we do not work directly with insurance providers.  And it does not cover coaching.

- If you come to our offices in Oklahoma…it’s therapy.

- If you work with us virtually AND do NOT live in Oklahoma…it’s coaching.

- You can live in Oklahoma and work with us virtually…that can be therapy.

- You can live outside of Oklahoma and come to Oklahoma and it could be therapy.

With that said…we are “out of network” providers.  Some health insurance plans allow you to see a therapist out-of-network, and depending on your benefit coverage, will reimburse you for the investment of couple therapy.

We work for you and NOT the insurance provider.

Did you know that insurance companies dictate therapy?  Number of sessions, cost, what can be treated and what can’t, etc.

How does the insurance company know what’s best for your relationship?  They don’t.

We are happy to provide you with a monthly statement to submit to your insurance carrier.  We cannot guarantee that you will get reimbursed. 

You will need to check with you insurance carrier and ask about your out-of-network coverage benefits for couples therapy.

Being private pay, we can customize our approach to meet your needs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pay for the appointment
  • ​Request a Super Bill at your session 
  • Send it to your insurance provider
  • They reimburse you.

About Brad and Morgan Robinson

Hi, we’re Brad and Morgan Robinson. We’re married with two kids, we’re relationship thought leaders, and we care about your relationship. “Why?” You might ask. Well, because the greatest pain a person can feel is when their family falls apart. We’re both intimately acquainted with that pain. You don’t have to be.

I (Brad) became a marriage and couples therapist over a decade ago because I was tired of seeing friends and family suffer the misery of bad relationships that sometimes ended in a bitter divorce.

As a child of divorce due to infidelity, I made it my life’s mission to help couples heal so they could be the parents and the people they really want to be. Today I am an international marriage and affair recovery expert. I’m a featured TEDx speaker and highlighted in various publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Post.

I (Morgan) help marriages because I want to see families thrive. As a mom, I look at my children and can’t imagine someone else raising them. Someone else tucking them in at night. Or a step-parent, I don’t choose or control, influencing my children.

We’re on a mission to not just restore the intimacy, trust, and love in your marriage; but also to help you see beyond the pain you may feel right now.

We launched our marriage counseling practice in 2009 and our podcast Healing Broken Trust in 2017. Since then we’ve helped over 1 million people restore their relationship, stop their divorce, heal after infidelity, and find hope for their future.

We can help you do the same through 1-on-1 coaching, therapy, and our online programs.

Our Team

Daniel Hoffman, LPC - Tulsa and Online

Daniel has a passion for helping couples succeed. He graduated from ORU and joined Brad & Morgan in 2013. 

His past experience includes family therapy and addiction counseling. 

He is the second best reviewed couples therapist in Oklahoma.  

Daniel loves watching the transformation process for a couple who comes in broken and gradually restores what was lost.  

He is father to Gavin, Grace, and Griffen and he is a loving husband to Jordan. He practices in the Tulsa office.

Mark Bright - Tulsa

I met my wife as a junior in college at OBU. We’ve been married now for 32 years. 

We have raised 2 children and we love doing things together such as kayaking, camping, and exploring Tulsa on Saturday mornings.

I became a marriage counselor after witnessing my parent’s struggles with their marriage. I know the pain a child feels when mom and dad aren’t getting along.  

I have spent a lifetime doing ministry work. My work included mentoring couples before receiving my masters in marriage and family therapy.

In gradate school my fellow students began talking about a private practice in Tulsa that was actually helping couples. 

Marriage Solutions has a reputation for excellence and it is my privilege to be on a team that supports me as a clinician and who offers excellent care to the couples all over the world.

Jim Smith - OKC and Online

My parents were married almost 54 years when my father died in 2006. 

They seemed successful from the outside - beautiful children and successful at work - but there was very little emotional connection. They avoided conflict like the plague.

I was married in 1989. My parent’s relationship was my only example of marriage.

I found myself and my spouse unable to deal with the normal day-to-day stresses let alone any major crisis. 

We sought marriage counseling but found it to be ineffective because it focused only on the surface issues.  

The therapist never recognized that much of our problems were those we had brought into our marriage. 

After everything went wrong in my marriage I decided to do something about it.  I decided to study and learn about what makes a marriage successful.  

I received my second masters degree, this time in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Now I know how to make a marriage happy and healthy for the long haul. 

My mission now is to help as many couples as I can avoid suffering as I did.  That’s why I joined Marriage Solutions.

Want to Talk With Someone?  Need More Information?
"After 20+ years of being together his affair was devastating.  But Brad helped us heal.  It's a true miracle.  We have so much life left to live."
Can you lead a horse to water and make it drink?  Well this client says Brad can!  Watch the video to learn more about him.
This lovely couple just felt stuck in a horrible negative cycle.  They didn't feel close and needed help finding each other again.  Brad was their 4th counselor.  Listen to how we helped them.
"It was worth every penny."
"At some point you have to deal with your problems.  You can't bury them in a box."


7 Tools To Start Healing Today

100% FREE. Click the button below and you'll get:

3 Relationship Assessments

  • Am I With The Right Person?
  • How Good Is Our Relationship?
  • Is Healing From An Affair Possible For Us?


4 eBooks

  • ​Exactly What To Say (And Not Say) When Talking About Counseling
  • ​Avoid The Wrong Advice
  • Be Sure There's No Affair
  • Avoid Time Wasters
  • Make A Real Plan
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