Thinking About Getting Married?
Prepare Your Relationship for Forever
Even if you've been married before, have cold feet,  already have kids, live together (or don't), been together for years, or you just met a few months ago...this is for you!
Get Focused On What Makes Your Relationship Special
We are delighted to have you here on our web page with us! If you're at work and you can't listen to the video don't worry everything you need to know is below and on the next couple of pages...

It may not surprise you to know that couples come to counseling with all kinds of different concerns and sometimes couples don't feel like there is anything really wrong in their relationship but maybe you want to make sure that you get this marriage off on the right foot. 
Do You Identify With Either Of These?
The Newbies:
  • You've never been married before
  • You don't live together or you moved in after you got engaged
  • You don't have any kids
  • You really need to know how to mesh two lives
  • You haven't had too many serious relationships in the past 
  • You may or may not have experienced relationship hurts from the past
The Experienced:
  • Maybe you've been married before or have had a long term relationship
  • You have kids together or from previous marriages
  • You've been together a long time and probably have lived together for a while before deciding to prepare for marriage
  • Maybe you've been hurt in past relationships
  • Maybe the idea of marriage again makes you feel nervous but you love this person and want to see if you can make this work
You might fit somewhere in between the two categories and that's okay...just know that there are many unique qualities that every couple brings to the table because both people have unique stories.  

Let's Talk About You... 
Solve The Arguments Before They Happen 
Negative patterns of interaction kill relationships.  When couples get stuck in arguing or even avoiding it can be hard to remember the honeymoon happiness.  That's when couples begin to regret the decision to marry.  

With the right help you can keep the wedded bliss.  We want to help.
Keep The Wedding Day and Honeymoon Bliss Long After The Big Day.
How can you keep the happiness long after the big day?

Choose the right help.  And still get a discount on the marriage license.

Why choose us?
  • We’ve helped 1.5 million couples in 144 countries 
  • ​Best reviewed couples therapists in the tri-state area
  • ​90% maintain their improvements
How Long Is Pre-marital Counseling?
Having trouble?  It could be 10-30 sessions depending on what's going on.

No trouble?  Just 2-6 hours should do it!

The therapist will let you know what they think at the first session.
How Do Couples Get Stuck?  Watch To Find Out!

About Us

Brad Robinson, LMFT and Morgan Robinson

Experts on trust and affair recovery.

Hi, we’re Brad and Morgan Robinson. We’re married with two kids, we’re relationship thought leaders, and we care about your relationship. “Why?” You might ask. Well, because the greatest pain a person can feel is when their family falls apart. We’re both intimately acquainted with that pain. You don’t have to be.

I (Brad) became a marriage and couples therapist over a decade ago because I was tired of seeing friends and family suffer the misery of bad relationships that sometimes ended in a bitter divorce.

As a child of divorce due to infidelity, I made it my life’s mission to help couples heal so they could be the parents and the people they really want to be. 

Today I am an international marriage and affair recovery expert. I’m a featured TEDx speaker and highlighted in various publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Post.

The Amazing Team

Daniel Hoffman, LPC - Tulsa and Online

Leading Sex Expert, Same Sex Couples, Addictions

Daniel has a passion for helping couples succeed.

His past experience includes family therapy and addiction counseling. 

He is the second best reviewed couples therapist in Oklahoma.  

Daniel loves watching the transformation process for a couple who comes in broken and gradually restores what was lost.  

He is father to Gavin, Grace, and Griffen and he is a loving husband to Jordan. He practices in the Tulsa office.

Mark Bright LMFT CA - Tulsa and Online

I met my wife as a junior in college at OBU. We’ve been married now for 32 years. 

We have raised 2 children and we love doing things together such as kayaking, camping, and exploring Tulsa on Saturday mornings.

I became a marriage counselor after witnessing my parent’s struggles with their marriage. I know the pain a child feels when mom and dad aren’t getting along.  

I have spent a lifetime doing ministry work. My work included mentoring couples before receiving my masters in marriage and family therapy.

In gradate school my fellow students began talking about a private practice in Tulsa that was actually helping couples. 

Marriage Solutions has a reputation for excellence and it is my privilege to be on a team that supports me as a clinician and who offers excellent care to the couples all over the world.

Jim Smith - OKC and Online

My parents were married almost 54 years when my father died in 2006. 

They seemed successful from the outside - beautiful children and successful at work - but there was very little emotional connection. They avoided conflict like the plague.

I was married in 1989. My parent’s relationship was my only example of marriage.

I found myself and my spouse unable to deal with the normal day-to-day stresses let alone any major crisis. 

We sought marriage counseling but found it to be ineffective because it focused only on the surface issues.  

The therapist never recognized that much of our problems were those we had brought into our marriage. 

After everything went wrong in my marriage I decided to do something about it. I decided to study and learn about what makes a marriage successful.  

I received my second masters degree, this time in Marriage and Family Therapy. Now I know how to make a marriage happy and healthy for the long haul. 

My mission now is to help as many couples as I can avoid suffering as I did. That’s why I joined Marriage Solutions.

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